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Bound Visuals believes that dreams command life and as such, we want to open our Customers’ hearts with our work.

We motivate people to dream by presenting results that connect their desires and needs.
We develop 3D solutions linked to the world of static and moving images by paying maximum attention to detail and experience through emotions.

We believe that the better the image is, the easier it will be for the user to feel in a new reality.

The final result will always be a representation as close as possible to the desire of each Customer.

Bound Visuals
It’s bound to happen


• 3D product visualization

• 3D architectural visualization

• 3D product animation

• 3D architectural animation

• 360º product images

• 360º architectural images

• Product – virtual reality

• Architecture – virtual reality


Phase 1 – Briefing + scheduling


Presencial meeting or video call to make the briefing of the project and create its calendar where we will define all the relevant information and the dates of the work phases.


Phase 2 – Research


After phase 1, and with all the necessary information to execute the service the Customer requested, we start phase 2 in which Bound Visuals proceeds with a research of materials, information, experiences, drafts and works developted within the same theme as the service requested by the Customer.


Phase 3 – Execution


Once phase 2 is completed, Bound Visuals begins project execution. During the development of the project, and depending on the service contractualized with the Customer, Bound Visuals will present some image propositions. After the Customer evaluates each one of these propositions, we will proceed with the necessary corrections and adjustments so that the project can advance as correctly as possible to its final line.
After all corrections and adjustments are made from the last proposition presented to the Customer, Bound Visuals moves to phase 4.


Phase 4 – Final results


In this last phase, Bound Visuals prepares and executes the final files to present and deliver to the Customer.


Bound Visuals budgets each work separately.


The estimate for every project is defined by the complexity of it, level of urgency, etc. This way we can assure the best value for each Customer.


To set an accurate budget, Bound Visuals needs to check the project. Basic documentation should be enough, such as, some plans or sketches.


Depending on what kind of service each Customer wants, Bound Visuals also needs an estimation of the number of images, video length, virtual tour or 360º images camera positions, etc.


It should be verified whether there is also a need for modeling furniture, decoration or any other specific objects for the project; capture and integration of images and/or photos in the project; integration of exteriors and/or specific landscape projects for the project; or others.


If any of the previous points mentioned or any other specific need for the project aren’t necessary, Bound Visuals will use its own contents from its own library, such as 3D models, textures, materials, among others.


Vítor Hugo
Founder/CEO/3D Artist

Professional, with a constant desire to learn, grow, win and to be at the top. Unparalleled ability and desire to be helpful, giving support to others. These are some words that define me. Being on the world of Creative Industries is a dream come true. The considerable years of professional experience in different areas other than creativity, made me grow and want more, leading me to change course towards the greatest purpose of my life: being a creative.






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